Alhamdulillah, it was a matter of pride for the Foreign Service Center of the North Sumatra State Islamic University (PUSLAIN UIN-SU) when the International Office of the Indonesian International Islamic University (UIII) was able to receive a benchmarking visit from PUSLAIN UIN-SU on Tuesday 25 June 2024 at the prestigious UIII Campus and at the same time the pride of the Indonesian people of Indonesia, in Depok Jakarta.

Since entering the UIII campus area, the chairman of PUSLAIN UIN-SU and the team of experts have felt the aura (impression) of the campus which has an international feel, coupled with the modern architecture of the buildings and facilities and infrastructure. In addition, the way they welcomed PUSLAIN UIN-SU was of international class. The enthusiasm and seriousness of the UII International office explained their extraordinary work program and tasks on an international scale. The Head of PUSLAIN UIN-SU and expert staff felt like they were at a meeting at universities in Europe, America and universities in other Western countries.

Several important things conveyed by the UIII International Office included related to the recruitment of foreign students (Masters and Doctoral Programs), how to manage and maintain the dynamics of foreign students both on campus and outside campus. It is also related to their success in building various forms of academic, research and community service relationships with various world-class universities in both the West and the East.

Another thing that also attracts attention is the connection with various immigration issues, and fortunately they have cooperation with immigration authorities so that immigration processing for foreign students feels easier, especially since everything is online based.

In this very pleasant and very valuable meeting, the UIII international office said that they were always ready to help and collaborate with PUSLAIN UIN-SU in developing international networks and in carrying out the duties of PUSLAIN UIN North Sumatra.

The meeting was attended directly by Prof. Syafiq Hasyim (Acting Vice Chancellor for Education and Cooperation), Dr. Chaider B. Muallim, MA (University Secretary), Muhammad Yazid, Lc., MA (Head of International Office), and all international office staff and staff representing each faculty were also present at the meeting. From PUSLAIN UIN-SU were Ansari Yamamah and Bobby Nasution, ME from PUSLAIN UIN-SU.

Hopefully this meeting will bring progress and blessings to PUSLAIN UIN-SU to assist the Chancellor of UIN-SU internationally in maximizing her civilizing tasks. Amen ya Rabb.