MONDAY 24 JUNE 2024,

Firstly, we would like to express our highest thanks to Mr. Han Xiao Zhang Counselor for Education and Research at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta who received our visit from the International Service Center (Pusat Layanan Internasional – PUSLAIN) of the State Islamic University of North Sumatra with great warmth between two friendly nations.

               The meeting discussed several important matters related to the development of the Tri Darma of Higher Education in an effort to collaborate between State Islamic University of North Sumatra and Universities in Australia. Currently, UIN North Sumatra with the vision of Smart Islamic University is trying to become a leading campus in the design of civilization not only in Islamic education, legal sciences and socio-religious sciences, but also Islamic economics and banking, health sciences and technology. For the time being, UIN-SU has 8 faculties with 42 study programs, and postgraduate studies. Each faculties have its own leading study program:

1. Faculty of Sharia and Law: Study program of Private Islamic Family Law

2. Faculty of Ushuluddin: Study program of Islamic Theology and philosophy.

3. Faculty of Da’wah and Communication: Study Program of Islamic broadcasting communication.

4. Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training: Study Program of Early Childhood Education.

5. Faculty of Public Health: nutrition study program

6. Faculty of Social Sciences: Study Program of Library Science

7. Faculty of Science and Technology: Study Program of computer science, information systems, and mathematics.

8. Faculty of Economics and Islamic Banking: Study Program of Islamic economics, accounting and Islamic banking.

9. Postgraduate Program in Islamic Studies, Islamic Law, Education and Islamic Communication.              

UIN-SU hopes that the Australian Embassy can become a strategic partner for the development of education, teaching, research and community service, especially in North Sumatra. UIN-SU also asked the Education Attache of the Australian Embassy to be able to connect and at the same time recommend several universities in Australia to UIN-SU in an effort to carry out cross-university collaboration which would be followed by a Memorandum of Understanding and Memorandum of Cooperation Agreement. UIN-SU will prepare several collaborative research proposals to be submitted to universities recommended by the Australian Embassy Education Attache. As an educational institution, UIN-SU is not only tasked with producing alumni, but also providing information and seeking employment opportunities for its alumni, in this case becoming migrant workers in Australia. For this reason, UIN-SU hopes that UIN-SU can become a partner of the Australian Embassy in recruiting workers to be employed in various sectors in Australia, such as the education sector (auxiliary workers in offices, libraries, universities), the community service sector such as in hospitals, social institutions, halal food sector, and others. To prepare for this workforce, UIN-SU will provide the necessary training, such as English Language Training, etc. UIN-SU also hopes that the Ambassador will be able to give a public lecture for new students for the 2024/2025 academic year in front of 6000 new UIN-SU students. An official letter will follow. We hope that what we propose in our meeting can provide benefits to our stakeholders, both in Indonesia and Australia.For the help you have provided, we say many thanks. Respectful greetings Prof. Dr. Ansari Yamamah, MAHead of International Office UIN-SU